Business Essentials 3 - After more profit? – Here’s five ways to improve your bottom line

Thursday 24 May, 2018 | By: Dylan Byrne - BDO Partner

In our Business Essentials Series, we’ve discussed the various ways your business can improve on various financial metrics (Article 2), and methods to focus business efforts in order to achieve financial success (Article 1)[]. The third article in our Business Essentials Series will explore the five ways to improve your bottom line. Methods for refining your operations, and realising internal efficiencies will not only increase your profit but will set the foundation for sustainable profitability as you increase sales. It is important to note, however, that focusing on sales first or putting too much focus on sales alone may not actually deliver more profit if your business is not as operationally efficient as it could be. It is important to remember your Gross Profit (GP) Margin and manage your capital expenditures efficiently. Read more.

AUD Performance & USD as a baseline

Wednesday 23 May, 2018 | By: Default Admin

In the second article in the series with CCIQ partner OFX, we will explore how the Australian Dollar has performed in the first half of 2018, why, and how it affects your business. Read more.

Apprenticeship Fund a Positive Step to Getting Back on Track: CCIQ

Wednesday 23 May, 2018 | By: Default Admin

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland(CCIQ) has welcomed today’s announcement by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Minister for Employment and Small Business and Minister for Training and Skills Development Shannon Fentiman of a $1 million fund targeting businesses to employ more apprentices. Read more.

Business Essentials 2 - Improving profits and Cash flow

Wednesday 16 May, 2018 | By: Default Admin

In our first article, ‘Getting to know your Business Fundamentals’ (HYPERLINK), we explore the key measures to help you get a better grip on your numbers and leverage them to improve business performance. In the second article of our Business Fundamentals Series, we will explore methods to improve profits and cash flow to help you reach your organisational goals. Read more.

Key themes driving global currency markets

Tuesday 15 May, 2018 | By: Default Admin

With August 2017 marking the 10-year anniversary since the GFC which devastated the global currency market, the outlook for global currency rates in 2018 is strong.  Read more.

The five millionth Queenslander, explained

Tuesday 15 May, 2018 | By: Default Admin

The second sitting week of May has started with a bang, as the government spruiks Queensland’s population boom with the Premier noting the ‘five millionth Queenslander’ will be born today. Read more.

Business Essentials 1 - Get to know your Business Fundamentals

Wednesday 9 May, 2018 | By: Dylan Byrne - BDO Partner

We know running a business is tough. It can sometimes be difficult to look where you’re going, rather than where you’ve come from. However, it’s important to make time to learn where your business is heading, and how you’re going to get there. This article will provide you with an outline of the fundamentals you need to know to monitor and improve your business performance. Monitoring performance is key to a healthy, successful business. It is common, especially for established businesses, to have a set-and-forget mentality and find themselves reacting to past results, missing opportunities and wasting resources. Getting back to basics with a few key measures in place can help you to get a better grip on the key financial ratios, and leverage them to reliably forecast and improve upon your monthly results. Read more.

In numbers: Budget 2018-19

Wednesday 9 May, 2018 | By: Default Admin

The budget balance for the current financial year is estimated to reach a deficit of 18.2 billion (1.0% of GDP). Read more.

Queensland is in a Manufacturing Sweet Spot

Friday 4 May, 2018 | By: Daniel Petrie

Queensland’s status as a manufacturing hub has been confirmed by the recently released Manufacturing in Queensland report by the Queensland Productivity Commission (QPC) and again highlights the state’s diversity, comparative advantages and delivery of products. Read more.

CCIQ Cautions Government Against Bringing Forward Waste levy

Friday 20 April, 2018 | By: Default Admin

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) has cautioned the State Government against bringing forward its proposed waste levy and instead continue to work with industry partners on providing sustainable long-term solutions. Read more.